APT-X. What is it?

Studios equipped with an Isdn codec can set up a real-time audio link,
and can even sync audio to images.

Imagine you have a commercial in a foreign language.
In the past, you would have two options:

1. You and your client would go to a studio abroad, and record the voice(s) over there.
2. You fly in the voice-talent, pay his fee for an entire day (or days),
book a hotel, etcetera...
Those days are over.

Peeters Productions can connect to any studio or voice talent with Isdn.

We are compatible with 90 % of the isdn studios.
We can make a "live connection" to those studios,

without any delay in sound or images.

Producers and clients at Peeters Productions can talk to the voice talents
and other people in the remote studio and vice versa, without any loss in sound quality.
Even if the voice talents are a few hundred or even thousands of kilometres away,
it seems as if they were in the voice-booth next door.

For your convenience, we have made an Excel database, containing the countries,
cities, studio names, telephone and fax numbers of the hundreds of studios
equipped with APT-X. You can download it

Peeters Productions is the only studio in Belgium that offers this technology.
Simply look for a studio in the country you need to connect to,
and call one of the studios over there. Or call us.
We will take care of booking both the voices and the remote studio.
If you need any information about APT-X,
or if you want to select remote studios on-line,
without downloading our database, click