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If you want us to send your radio commercials, produced by Peeters Productions, to the radio stations, please fill out this form and submit it.

For your convenience, we have made an Excel database, containing the countries, cities, studio names, telephone and fax numbers of the hundreds of studios equipped with APT-X. You can download it here.

Flemish (word) Flemish (pdf)
French (word) French (pdf)
English (word) English (pdf)
Telephone messages in English, French, and Flemish as wave, 16 bit, 22050 kHz. Mono files.
You may download these messages, and use them on your telephone system free of charge.
French Bonjour, nos bureaux sont fermés. Veuillez réessayer plus tard.
(195 kB)
You can up or download files from or onto our FTP server. Please send us an e-mail to receive our FTP address, and your login and password.